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Mediation is Successful 

Why does mediation work so well?

There are many contributing factors to the success of mediation. Mediation provides a safe environment for negotiation because the mediator can control and direct the communications. This way, unproductive discussions can be avoided and concessions will be communicated only if they are likely to lead to a settlement.

Also, fewer pressures exist that cause a party to be hesitant or scared to put an offer on the table. The mediator can propose the offer to the opposite party in such a way that both parties can agree without them feeling like they "gave in" to the other party.

The main factor is that mediation works! It works because it brings all necessary parties to the bargaining table where they can "realistically" evaluate their positions and safely explore settlement options.

What does successful mediation look like?

In a successful mediation, the parties decide the outcomes of the case rather than allowing a third party to do it for them. Everything that happens at the mediation is kept strictly confidential to encourage the parties to be open and honest about their case and make the best effort possible to resolve the dispute.

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Benefits of Mediation


Mediation Works!

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